Feb. 2nd, 2010

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Jeff and I had a great time at Conflikt last weekend. Tom Smith was a fun Guest of Honor and I loved sitting out at the reg table where I got to see and talk to all kinds of cool people walking by. I also got to pull my cello out and do some jamming. My first time of really doing so, and so much fun! My favorite was the mini hall session with me on cello, Brook's Mother-In-Law-Tree on double bass, Cap'n Blackberry on 12 string, Allegra on Mandolin, and Brook on banjola. Soooo much fun! I think I need to start finding some beginner jam sessions (either Celtic or Bluegrass, I'm thinking) in the area and go to them!

When we got back, Lilly was all shy. She'd come up and bump us, wander away and rub her nose on something else, and then come back to bump us again. But when we woke up Monday morning, it was to a very affectionate cat who had brought us all kinds of toys in the night and was now all over laying on us and washing our faces for us. "You're still here! Thank goodness!"

Speaking of Lilly, Jeff and I are thoroughly smitten by her. Yes, we still miss our Mattie cat, but Lilly is so stinking cute. We are so pleased to have her! One of her favorite past times is bringing us toys. Every night we take her toys out to the living room. Every morning we wake up to at least one toy on the floor by the bed. Sometimes there is even 1 or 2 up on the bed with us. When we both leave, we almost always come home to a few toys up on the bed. It's very cute!

Just as an FYI, we thought we'd post a save the date announcement. April 10th is my birthday. It's on a Saturday that is after Norwescon and currently doesn't have anything planned. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do, but there will likely be a birthday go out to lunch followed by a party at my house. I'm even thinking of making marshmallows and getting out the chocolate fountain. In any case, if you are interested, I'm giving plenty of advanced warning. There will also be more announcements as the date comes closer... :-)


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