Apr. 5th, 2010

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Jeff and I are home from Norwescon. Well, we have been for a couple of hours and Jeff is already asleep. I had some last minute work stuff I had to do before I could call it quits (which I am about ready to do now)...

Norwescon was a lot of fun. I actually started the con healthy this year. I hadn't been sick all spring. I was hopeful of making it through the con healthy. I failed my constitution roll, though, and started getting sick Sunday. I was in denial until Monday morning, though. I blame not sleeping very well in the 'comfy-but-not-my-bed.'

So, this year I was once again the IT setup/teardown lead. This is my last year doing this job, although I will likely still help with setup/teardown in some capacity in the future. :-) My second (Drew) was really great and will be a fine lead next year! I also got to deliver the Easter candy from the con to the hotel. That is seriously the best job in the entire convention. Several stations that I deliver candy to do a happy dance when I get there. And then fight over who gets the Reces Peanut Butter cups... :-)

This year, I took time off from staffing and actually went to some panels (mostly costuming)! I enjoyed Ieva's costuming panels a great deal. I even went to one where we started a duct tape double that I can use for a dress form when I finish it. That was fun. :-)

Getting sick wasn't so fun. It's not the worst cold ever, but it's highly annoying with lots of nose blowing and the attendant chapped upper lip/nose. I decided early on not to go to chorus tonight even though we have our friends and family performance next Monday. I really, really want to get better before I have to go to chorus contest in 2 1/2 weeks!

But the big 'excitement' for the both of us was unloading at the storage unit. I had a stack of art panels decide to defy my book-endness and knock me back against the side of the truck. Someone almost immediately braced them and I slid down and crawled out. I didn't really get hurt (mostly shaken), although I did kill my flowy split skirt in the escape. la sigh. I'm finding now that I have a few new aches that I didn't have before. They did make me stop helping at that point. I guess I need to learn that the storage unit load in and I do not get along very well...

After dinner we had to go back to the hotel and look for Jeffrey's wedding ring, which had turned up missing during dinner. Luckily, disaster was averted and we found it. Yea good things! But all that meant that we didn't get home until almost 9. Then we cuddled the cat and I started trying to catch up.

Well, I think I'm rambling now. I have turned in most of the things I was supposed to do and I need to set up my breathing machine and go fall over now.


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