Jan. 30th, 2012


Jan. 30th, 2012 11:08 pm
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We got back today from Conflikt (local filk con). It was a lovely convention full of many wonderful friends and highest highs and super low lows.

As usual, I spent much of the weekend behind the registration desk helping Jeff so he could go and see parts of the con he would normally miss. This year they had us right outside the main concert space so I could hear the concerts, even when I couldn't be inside watching. I really like working there because I get to see everyone but the table provides a nice personal space buffer that helps me deal with my anxiety.

This year I also got to be a performer!

Talis Concert )

cello performance )

accident )

The most astounding part of all of this? The Conflikt folk chipped in financially through the rest of the day and left me with enough money to either fix Lark outright or get a good way through the fixing. (I'll be talking to the luthier where I bought her tomorrow and I'll know better then.)

I am astonished and floored and awed and flattered by the outpouring of support yesterday and today. I don't have the words or the space to say what all the generosity and caring really meant to me. Saying simple thank yous don't seem to be enough, but they are all I really have. To everyone who helped in any way? Thank you!

As soon as my Lark is all fixed up, we will continue to play and hope that is an even better thanks!


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