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I am a hardwired morning person. I have been my whole life.

I'm the kid in my family that had rules saying I couldn't leave my room until 6:30 or Dad got up. Whichever was later.

Then I married a night person...

When Jeff started working evenings, I started staying up late and getting up late to match his schedule. It took several months, but I finally learned how to sleep in until 9 or sometimes even 10am. Unfortunately, my internal alarm clock resets really easily.

I got a new assignment at work. Several of us on this new assignment went down to a training session this week. We had to be up and functioning at 6:30 each morning. I needed an alarm clock the first morning. The rest of the week I was awake anywhere between 5:45 and 6:15. Unhappily awake since I'm still having a hard time getting to bed much earlier than midnight.

We got home last night really tired. I was really looking forward to sleeping in. Until the internal alarm clock went off at 6:15. sigh...

I guess since the new assignment will require start times or 7:30 or 8, having an internal alarm clock that gets me up in time to eat breakfast isn't a bad thing.

But there are times I really wish I could sleep in on days I *don't* have to get up early...

Unfortunately, the morning person internal alarm clock doesn't believe in days off. Which means it's time to rethink my current schedule.

Sometimes I really hate my inner morning person... :-) On the other hand, at least I can see pretty sunrises from my office window! :-)

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Aron is the same way. He's ready for bed at 8:30 or 9 and ready to go at 6am.

Me? Well I'm not sure what my body clock wants. I'm spending a lot of time burning the candle on both ends.


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