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Several of my friends have been making fun of people calling today's snow accumulation snowpocalypse.

I both agree and disagree.

For me, Christmas 2008 where I was pretty much snowed in for 2 weeks was snowpocalypse for sure. We lived on a big hill and I couldn't even get my car out of the driveway. There was poor planning elsewhere and lots of things pretty much shut down. This storm is nowhere near that bad (at least right now), but it's still causing disruptions. I think Metro made a good call putting buses on snow routes, and I'm happy to say that I've seen a snow plow at least twice today. There were also huge commute issues and bus delays caused by the snow. I can certainly understand people stuck in those messes calling this snowpocalypse.

I saw another comment about how this storm would be no big deal in a city with a sane snow response. While this is the kind of storm my relatives in Utah or Chicago would be laughing at (storm? there's a storm going on?!?) you have to have snow on a regular basis to have what that person probably thinks of as a sane snow response. My brother's township in Chicago has more snow plows than my entire county. Of course, Chicago also has snow on the ground and large snow events all winter long. We have snow a handful of times (if that) a year. We also have a lot more in the way of steep hills than my brother. Utah also has hills, but even those aren't generally like Seattle where there's more hill than flat. And even if you have a plan, it takes practice for people to really get the hang of how things are supposed to go. Practice we don't really get...

Am I happy I didn't have to go anywhere today (yea working at home)? Absolutely!
Am I worried about Jeff trying to get home by bus after work tonight. Of course. (especially since he drove to the park and ride--my little car isn't set up to drive in this stuff...)
Do I wish that people would drive saner in the snow? Yea, but I also understand that most of us really don't get the chance to practice all that much. I'd probably be just as much to blame if I was out driving... Let's all be grateful I didn't have to go anywhere!
Do wish that there were more snow plows and equipment to handle the snow? duh.
Do I understand why we don't? you bet.

So, while part of me laughs at the idea of this being a huge storm, I also understand why it's so disruptive.

And now I'll go back to worrying about Jeff's commute home...


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