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Last night was a frustrating evening. I've been feeling a little blah today. I figured some thankfulness would be a good antidote.

I'm thankful for my job. It's not a full time job, but it helps with the family budget and the flexibility lets me also do the other things I want/need to. At the same time, I'm thankful for projects with extra hours. Half time is doing really nice things for the bank account... :-)

I'm thankful for our Lilly cat. My mom had to put my sister's cat to sleep yesterday. She was old (especially since she was about equal parts indoor/outdoor) and had a good run. My family is missing her today and it's reminding me of our Mattie cat who passed on last Dec. I also just read about a Maine Coon breeder down in Portland who has to do a fast move and find homes for most of their cats. I really, really wish I could help. Instead I'll go give my Lilly another scritch and a treat and be grateful we found her.

I'm thankful for getting to go over to Jeff's parents for the Thanksgiving weekend. The weather as we drove over the pass on Saturday was beautiful (well, after we crossed the summit... :-) and traffic was light. I'm grateful we didn't have to come back Sunday night (along with all the other traffic). Jeff's swing shift can sometimes be a pain, but the ability to return from a trip Mon morning is a definite bonus!
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