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Mar. 27th, 2010 01:48 am
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Tonight was play with Lilly and the kitty crack chicken treats we got her today.
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I made hummus again tonight and thought I'd share the recipe:

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I was putting a new case on my iPhone yesterday and found a small crack on the back of my phone, down by where the charger plugs in. I'm not sure what happened since I try to be really careful about not dropping it.

Of course, the 1 year warranty on our phones ended about a month ago. An out of warranty repair is almost the price I paid for the phone in the first place, and we aren't eligible for a discounted upgrade until October of this year.

At this point, it seems to be a cosmetic damage. I just need to be extra careful with it for the next 6 months so that the crack doesn't get worse or interfere with my using the phone.

In happier news, our chorus had a really fun and productive retreat this last weekend. We're getting ready for our regional competition in Alaska at the end of April. I kind of wish we didn't have rehearsal tonight (I'm still really tired and sore), but I'll make it through. :-)

In even happier news, my sister will be coming home from her church mission on April 2nd! I won't get to see her for a couple of weeks after that, but I'm still pretty excited!
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If you are looking for a good read, check out Seanan McGuire. Her faerie urban fantasy is very believable and well thought out. Seanan's first book, Rosemary and Rue, came out last year and introduced us to Toby, a half-fae changeling who is forced to solve the murder of one of her friends. Toby spends a lot of the book getting beat up, but is still a strong character and someone that I wanted to know more about.

Seanan's second book, A Local Habitation, is really close to official release date (Mar 1 or thereabout), but copies are starting to show up in various book stores. I scored one yesterday and lost most of the rest of the day devouring it. This book uses the "group of people locked in a building and one of them is a murderer" general outline. Even though I had a pretty good guess about who dunnit, I kept second guessing myself as new twists happened. And there were surprises all the way up until the climax. I enjoyed it so much that it was really, really hard to put it down when it was bed time! I couldn't wait until I got to a point in my day today when I could (finally!) finish the book.

You don't have to have read Rosemary and Rue to enjoy A Local Habitation, but there are a bunch of things will make more sense if you have.

Go forth! Read and enjoy!
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Jeff and I had a great time at Conflikt last weekend. Tom Smith was a fun Guest of Honor and I loved sitting out at the reg table where I got to see and talk to all kinds of cool people walking by. I also got to pull my cello out and do some jamming. My first time of really doing so, and so much fun! My favorite was the mini hall session with me on cello, Brook's Mother-In-Law-Tree on double bass, Cap'n Blackberry on 12 string, Allegra on Mandolin, and Brook on banjola. Soooo much fun! I think I need to start finding some beginner jam sessions (either Celtic or Bluegrass, I'm thinking) in the area and go to them!

When we got back, Lilly was all shy. She'd come up and bump us, wander away and rub her nose on something else, and then come back to bump us again. But when we woke up Monday morning, it was to a very affectionate cat who had brought us all kinds of toys in the night and was now all over laying on us and washing our faces for us. "You're still here! Thank goodness!"

Speaking of Lilly, Jeff and I are thoroughly smitten by her. Yes, we still miss our Mattie cat, but Lilly is so stinking cute. We are so pleased to have her! One of her favorite past times is bringing us toys. Every night we take her toys out to the living room. Every morning we wake up to at least one toy on the floor by the bed. Sometimes there is even 1 or 2 up on the bed with us. When we both leave, we almost always come home to a few toys up on the bed. It's very cute!

Just as an FYI, we thought we'd post a save the date announcement. April 10th is my birthday. It's on a Saturday that is after Norwescon and currently doesn't have anything planned. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do, but there will likely be a birthday go out to lunch followed by a party at my house. I'm even thinking of making marshmallows and getting out the chocolate fountain. In any case, if you are interested, I'm giving plenty of advanced warning. There will also be more announcements as the date comes closer... :-)
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Hee! It's an AWESOME ASL interp of Re: Your Brains. I think this is my favorite version ever! If you go to the YouTube site, there is also direct translations in the info area.

He also has a channel and several other JoCo songs that are fun to watch!
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1. Jeff. Patient, kind, wonderful Jeff
2. Lilly. We still miss our Mattie cat, but Lilly is a sweet kitty that is a good fit for us.
3. Doing something about the anxiety I didn't realize I had until recently.
4. Making 21 reminder phone calls. In a row.
5. Gaining a little control over the hungries
6. cello!
7. Hanging out with good friends
8. fresh bread (I LOVE the smell as it bakes!)
9. trying (and liking!) new foods
10. my new pizza peel (used for putting free form loaves into the oven)

Life is a little stressful, but generally good right now. Hope things are generally good for all of you too!

Miss Lilly

Jan. 9th, 2010 07:01 pm
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Miss Lilly, originally uploaded by geojlc.

Meet Lilly, the wonderful new addition to our family! She's a 2 year old Maine Coon mix and an absolutely adorable kitty. I think she'll fit the cat shaped hole in our lives very nicely. She's still a bit shy, but we have a feeling that she'll warm up very nicely.

Thursday night, Jeff found a listing for Lilly at the PAWS on Greenwood and 85th. We tried to go over on Friday morning before work, but they don't open until 2pm on weekdays. I went back over to PAWS after they opened, but Lilly was on hold until 3pm with another couple. I went into their cat-quarium and visited with the volunteer while petting kitties.

Around 3:15, the couple were no-shows/no-calls and they let me meet Lilly. She was such a sweet heart, and I fell in love. Since they wanted Jeff to meet her before we took her home, we put a hold on her until this morning. Good thing we did because the original people tried to come in! I felt kind of bad, but the PAWS people told me I shouldn't.

Anyway, Jeff and I went in this morning and he fell in love with her as much as I did. We got some Mud Bay coupons as part of the adoption and stopped by to get some food and litter. They were excited and asked us to bring her in. She was oohed and ahhed over. :-)

So now she's alternating between hanging out in the bathroom and exploring the new place. We're very excited about our new Miss Lilly cat!

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Hey, it's Thursday again! I haven't done a Thankful Thursday in a while and this seems a good time to start.

1. Jeffrey
2. Cello (and lessons with Betsy!)
3. Maine Coon kitty therapy (at Betsy's)
4. Getting a diagnosis for my anxiety issues and starting treatment. I think I may even be seeing a small difference. :-)
5. trying out new recipes
6. listening to music on my iPhone while doing chores
7. getting a few things put away
8. a nicely quiet day
9. hanging out with friends
10. seeing some sunshine today


Dec. 15th, 2009 10:43 am
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Group Health has lifted their H1N1 restrictions and is offering vaccination clinics. The word didn't get on their website until kind of late (I found out about it yesterday). Olympia, Tacoma, and Lynnwood are offering clinics today. Burien and Bellevue are offering them later this month.

Jeff and I just went. There was NO line (although we went fairly close to opening). They had both flumist and shots. (Jeff had flumist and I had a shot because of my asthma)

Do yourself a favor and go get vaccinated! :-)
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sigh. Kitty hospice time. Mattie did pretty good with hydration, but xrays and other tests are leaning towards chronic renal failure. Plus they found a hernea and a probable cancerous tumor. We talked about a lot of options, but we finally decided to bring her home, spoil her rotten for a week or so, and then let her go. I guess it's a good thinng that we're sick and have pretty much canceled the weekend.
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I'm really angsty today (mostly about my ADD reassesment tomorrow). Instead of boring you with that re-hash,I'll do a Thankful day post.

1. Jeffrey. Wonderful, wonderful Jeffrey
2. Purring kitty snuggles.
3. A beautiful sunny day with the mountains out. Twice in a row!
4. A live Christmas tree!
5. A fun visit to Portland to see friends and family
6. Finding new restaurants (La Bonita and Pix Patisserie in NE Portland. Go! They are highly recommended!)
7. The ability to donate blood to help others
8. The willingness to help others
9. Cello!
10. Creativity

I did not get everything I needed done today, but I think I got the most critical bits done. Maybe I'll have more answers soon.
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I am having a love/hate relationship with Sweet Adelines right now. I adore barbershop music. I love singing harmony with my friends. I love the friendships I've made.

I hate the Sweet Adeline take on show biz and decision timeliness.

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Now we getto find out the fun of Clear service disruption. We got the new modem. It was all shiny and fast. Then last nightwe started getting slow speeds and 10-15% packet loss. We thought it might be the heavy rain. It seemed to fix itself late this morning. Then around midnight tonight there is suddenly no service at all. The modem is just searching, even after a powe cycle. Sigh. And no rain to blame it on. And after tech support hours of course. Good thing we have interwebs on our phones!

In other news, I'm thankful for a successful show last night and a quiet day today.
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Our big chorus show is this weekend (Sweet Adelines, Voices Northwest for those who don't know... :-).

We'll be performing at the Historic Everett Theater this Saturday at 7:30 pm. In addition to our chorus, this show will feature 3 fabulous quartets. We are very excited to be hosting The 2009 international quartet champion, Moxie Ladies as well as Mojo and Livewire. They are all fabulous singers and it will be a FUN show! Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for students. They can be bought either on our website (, or at the door. (The website also has the theater address as well)

In addition, I have 2 free tickets. My in-laws bought tickets but aren't able to come now. If you would like to come see our show, ping me and they're yours! :-)
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cut because I'm sure my friend are tired of hearing me whine about Clearwire )

This is me switching from someone who used to love and rave about Clearwire and tell all her friends and family to try it to someone who dislikes Clearwire very much and is warning everyone to stay away. Stay far away. Only choose Clearwire if there is NO other choice!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] dolphinchatter!

Hope it's been a grand day and that the next trip around the sun holds many great moments!
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Because it was useful tonight, I'm going to document Clearwire network problems I have here. How was it useful? Well, I was on the phone with an actually helpful tech (someone who did more than tell me to power cycle the modem or move it to a different window) and he asked how long this had been a problem. I was able to go into my LJ and Facebook and say, "It was bad enough on these dates that I whined about it in my journals."

So, to continue in that vein, here's more of the saga...

cut for those who are tired of the whine without cheese routine )

So I'm back to the same erratic service with lame ping times (mostly in the 1800-2000 ms range) and slow speeds (.3 to .7 down) that prompted me to call the tech in the first place. And no WoW. But with some hope that someone is going to at least look at things now and there may be a solution at some point...
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