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The Chieftains! :-)

In other news, class tomorrow is prepped for. (for those interested in seeing what we're doing, check out the class gallery. For another fun one that I designed but I'm not doing for class, check out the Poison Dart Frog card. :-)

I've done a few other things on my big to do list. Today Jeff and I went out and did some bachelor food shopping. I rearranged and fit 12 totinos in the big freezer! :-) I canceled a few items that were stressing me out(apheresis for a major one...). And few I'll take things down to Portland and work on them there. I will have a lot of the day to do whatever (my friend's mother goes to an adult center between 9ish and 5ish).

Tomorrow I'm going to work on packing, hold my class (just 2 people so it will be low key and fun), go to a birthday party for a bit, and then do my choir concert. If I can get packed enough, I might go to writer's night for a bit after the concert...

Sunday I pack up my car, go to church, and head south. Jeff will caravan with me down to Puyallup to work on a friend's computer. I'll stop in and say hi and visit for a few before boosting off to Portland.

Well, I think it's bedtime so that I can be productive tomorrow.

I'll miss my Jeffie, but I keep telling myself that it's going to help a lot with the paycheck...


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