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Before I forget, Happy Birthday, [ profile] kathy_chatfield May you have many more happy birthdays! I'm glad you are my mom!

Anyway, it's a nice, quiet weekend. No where to go, nothing to do that we don't want to... We were thinking about going to Winthrop since Jeffrey doesn't have to worry about working holidays anymore. But gas prices were too high to really want to leave town, and then Jeff's parents called saying "we hope you didn't want to come over... Everyone else is here and we feel like we're running a hotel!"

Last night, I went folk dancing while Jeffrey was at the mini work party. While I was there, one of my friends who I met in Portland asked if she could stay at our house for the weekend. She had Bumbershoot tickets and the person she was going to stay with had something come up. We told her no problem. She's mostly up at the Seattle Center anyway. :-)

But, of course, it's always when you have houseguests that something goes wrong. Our bathroom sink had been draining kind of slow... We've done the enzyme treatment on it but it was still slow. The enzyme bottle said that plunging may be required if there was lots of gunk in the pipe. So I started plunging. Things went from fairly slow to really slow. With gunk from the kitchen sink to boot. So now both sinks were draining slow. We thought we were going to have to call a plumber. But we put some lye in from the last time we had a slow drain and let it sit for a bit. Then Jeffrey plunged again (this time plugging the overflow drain in the sink) and things are draining again. Of course, that may mean that whatever the clog was is now just farther down the drain. So we'll do some more enzyme treatments... :-)

We also went to Carkeek park today to help [ profile] dreamingcrow clebrate her son's birthday. It was a very nice day and we had fun.

I also talked to my BYU sister. She posted in her LJ today that she got the care package I sent her this week. I finally get to mention it! (it's been really hard to not say anything... :-) We had a very nice chat about her roommates, cooking, stuff in the care package, and life in general. It sounds like she's having fun!

Anyway, it's late and I should get to bed. Darn church early in the morning... :-)


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