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It is a beautiful morning out there. At least if you look toward the north... The south has clouds moving in... :-)

These were the sorts of days I LOVED in Utah. Clear, crisp, and cold. But then you got to go into your nice warm apartment and have a cup of hot cocoa... :-) Usually there was snow on the ground and the mountains looked close enough to reach out and touch.

We went to a great restaraunt in Seattle last night. A Morrocan place called Marrekesh. Really yummy food and you eat traditional style... With your hands! They give you bread to help scoop things up and do great stuff like provide wash water before and after. It was a 5 course meal for a really reasonable price (considering how much food you got anyway!). It started out with a mildly spicy lentil soup (mmmm...) and then a tomato/cucumber "salad" (very little lettuce). Probably my favorite dish was the chicken/almond/egg cooked in a phyllo dough crust with powdered sugar and cinnamon on top. It was so good that Jeff liked it even though he doesn't normally do eggs... The main dish was pretty dang good too. I had lamb on skewers with a rice pilaf. Jeff had the chicken/couscous/veggie meal. They were both way good. We shared our meals. They finished us up with a simple pudding (not so sweet as American pudding) and orange blossom water for our hands. I would TOTALLY go there again!

After dinner last night, we headed over to Pandora house for our weekly work meeting. Go me! I found bugs to report! :-) It was good to see our friends again!

Today is all about packing. We're heading over to Winthrop tonight to spend the long weekend with Jeff's parents.

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Happy Anniversary to my favorite Jeffrey! I love you, Boy-o!


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